April 15, 2024

Resume Examples: Tips To Get You Accepted At The Company Of Your Dreams

Most recent grads (or anyone looking for a new gig) know that the first step on the way to finding your dream job is writing a resume. But often times, people don’t know how to write one. It can seem like a daunting task and you may not know where to start. 


Don’t worry! This post will give you all of the tips necessary to land your dream job by giving you a list of the necessary components for a resume, some helpful resume examples, and more about how resumes are viewed by employers. Read on for more information about how to write a resume!


Why Does A Resume Matter


A resume is a necessary first step towards securing your dream job. A lot of companies use applicant tracking systems that scan resumes for keywords, so you want to make sure your resume includes these words. It’s also important to list accomplishments and skills that are relevant to the position you’re applying for. If you’re a college grad, it’s helpful to have internships or volunteer experience in your field because those positions show initiative and dedication.


Examples of Resumes


Here are some different resume examples that may help you with structuring your own:


  • Chronological Resume Example
  • Functional Resume Example
  • Combination Resume Example


Creating your own resume can be difficult. You might not have a lot of experience and you’re not sure what to include.  That’s why it’s always helpful to have resume examples to refer back to when writing yours. Resume examples are great because they provide a look into what employers are looking for in resumes. They also provide guidance as to how you should present yourself on paper.


 Chronological Resume (Or Curriculum Vitae)


The most popular resume format is a chronological resume, also known as a Curriculum Vitae. This type of resume usually lists your work experience in reverse chronological order, beginning with your present or most recent job and working back to your first job.


As you can see, the below example is a chronological resume. The most important thing you want to include is your most recent (or current) job – this will be the focal point for hiring managers scanning through resumes and deciding who to interview. The other information on this particular sample resume includes education and professional organizations.


Skills-Focused Resume Examples


It’s important to know what skills you have that are relevant to the type of position you are applying for. When you have a clear idea of the skills you have, it will be much easier to put them on your resume. A good example of how to highlight skills is this resume from a candidate applying for a Project Manager position.


To assist you in writing your resume, you may visit this website to get a resume template. The templates on this website are quite expressive and will aid you in quickly securing your chosen job. Additionally, they provide a library of pre-written examples that you may use as a reference while developing your own.

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